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MorrowSound creates immersive sound environments and experiences. Immersive sound envelops and entrances us from all directions. 3D sound moves up and down, right to left, and front to back, and automatically locates and foregrounds moving sounds. MorrowSound creates and shapes the virtual size of environments, controls immersivity, interactivity and sound masking, in architecture and VR. We expand stereo and surround to 360 sound. Our sound is healthy sound and can be on all the time.

Our approach to soundscapes is first to create a dynamic atmosphere, and then embed moving sounds and interactivity. In architectural spaces, we mix our atmosphere with other softwares and sound makers.  Read more...

MorrowSound is healthy natural sound. It is unlike other immersive sound systems in that: We program the sound system to be on all of the time and to shape an ever-changing environment of sonic illusions designed to be site-specific. The goal is to maintain a freshness of sound so it does not wear on the listener through repetition. This makes our product uniquely adaptable for hospitals and workplaces.  Read more...

CLICK HERE to learn about MorrowSound’s immersive 3D software, which shapes and controls immersive sounscapes.

MorrowSound 3D Demo Reel

MorrowSound Installations

Recent Projects

MorrowSound has had a slew of innovative projects in the past year, demonstrating the immersive power of our systems and soundscapes. From museum exhibitions to planetariums; from historic sites to hospital public areas; from themed entertainment to corporate offices—MorrowSound returns the world of natural listening to the Visitor’s ear.

Old Town Soundscapes, Portland  

Narwhal: Revealing an Arctic Legend  

Planetarium Wolfsburg  

Impact Hub Santa Barbara  

Laura Poitras: Astro Noise - “Bed Down Location”  

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