Charles Morrow Productions & MorrowSound®

Charles Morrow Productions LLC – Award-winning, internationally recognized sonic experience producers.

MorrowSound designs immersive sound experiences that enhance perception and drama. We develop projects with MorrowSound 3D, a state-of-the-art immersive sound environment used in art spaces, museums, hospitals, public spaces and events worldwide. Our original soundscapes bring alive heritage sites, natural environments, cityscapes and all places in between. MorrowSound 3D uses sound the way we hear in the world: using vertical and horizontal sound, it provides tools for working with physical structures and landscaping.

As producers and developers, we use cutting edge technology of sound and sight to create the ultimate interpretive tours and visitor’s experiences and merchandise. Our goal is to cause a person to feel, visualize and understand the essence of the exhibit they are visiting. We do concept, research, writing, music and sound effects/environment, directing and recording talent, editing and mixing, video and graphic production, exhibit design, signage concept, site graphics and event consultation.

Our team does simple and complex projects that engage our multi-tasking team. We work with designers, speaker companies and research facilities to maintain our leadership role. We have patent applications in 3D sound and 360-degree virtual reality sound.

We have performed our sound magic for museum installations, commercial soundtracks, performance sound, audio tours and new media.

We have team members and demo systems in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston, Washington DC, Portland OR, Montreal, London, Berlin, Helsinki and Barton VT.

What is Immersive Sound?

MorrowSound creates immersive sound environments and experiences. Immersive sound is sound that envelops us from all directions. 3D sound is sound that moves up and down as well as right to left and front to back. Sound perception automatically foregrounds moving sounds, especially those from above and below a person. Our minds assume that sound comes from given sources and involuntarily size up and track them.

Our approach to soundscapes is first to create a dynamic atmosphere, and then embed moving sounds and interactivity. In architectural spaces, we mix our atmosphere with other softwares and sound makers. In head-mounted devices these elements are animated by head movements. On tablets, they are moved by hand motions.

Along with playing 3D atmospheres and productions, MorrowSound 2D-to-3D expander function brings new life to legacy media: mono, stereo and surround. Our invention creates a believable sense of place. The 2D-to-3D Expander reveals the original recording space. One can walk into the past on their ears. 2D-to-3D reveals that older sound media such as the Edison cylinder, the shellac disc, the wire recording each have a media personality and include the space where sound was recorded.

Our natural sound environments are healthy and can be playing all the time. This is why MorrowSound has been a welcome addition to hospitals, workplaces and museums, where they also perform sound masking. With speakers overhead and at floor level, we create both an environment and a listening zone which allows for conversation as well.

Although our reputation is with loudspeakers, MorrowSound works well in headphones. Our headphone-based technology is a wrap-around for point-source sound makers like game engines.